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Disbursement Fees (these are the fees we pay on your behalf)

The Counties Crematorium, Northampton                                                        £1070.00
The Counties Crematorium No Service                                                              £499.00
(If having a direct cremation which means the deceased person is cremated without any formal service and nobody can attend the crematorium then the fee is £499.00 for the cremation at The Counties Crematorium, Northampton)

Nene Valley Crematorium                                                                                              £899.00
(If organist is required extra fee will be payable approx                                          £100.00

Kettering Crematorium                                                                                                    £736.00
Kettering Music Fee                                                                                                           £70.00

Doctors fees for cremation certificates                                                                         £164.00
Two doctors sign the forms and are each paid £82.00 
(please note that these fees are not payable if there is a post-mortem)

Civil Funeral Celebrant                                                                                       £200.00
Church of England Fees for service in church                                                    £378.00
(church fees include, Verger, Organist, Minister and use of the church.  please note that some churches and places of worship can charge different fees)

Cemetery Fees (Northampton Borough Council)
(Please note if you have been a non resident for more than 5 years then extra cemetery fees will be payable)

Purchase of new single grave                                   £441.94 
Interment fee                                                             £441.94

Purchase of a new Double grave                              £510.48
interment fee                                                             £483.88

Triple grave                                                               £580.04
 interment fee of                                                        £553.44

Purchase of Cremated remains grave                      £166.75
 interment of cremated remains                                £166.75

Cemetery Chapel Fees -                                          £69.00 (30 mins)
                                                                                 £139.24 (60 mins)

Please contact us for a non obligatory quote for a Cremation or Burial

Please note there is no VAT on funerals.

Additional Services

Orders of service with one colour photograph        
Newspaper notice                                                             

Prices are subject to change.

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